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Theo Calis: sounds, mix, mastering
Martin Hoogeboom: sounds, assemblage, artwork

Field recording UMI 2 by Pim Feijen.
Field recording UMI 3 by NoiseNoir.


released November 28, 2017

I’m always wondering how my two ears and brain can create a 3-dimensional soundstage of the real world we are living in. Sound in front of my head, at the back, left, right, on top, below and somewhere in between these parameters. All at the same time. And then the tricky part: becoming aware of it. ;-) Yes I know, a lot of scientific research has been done and a lot has been written in important psycho-acoustical studies. But still, after so many years, I’m still wondering. Especially when I am at places near my hometown. Moorland, a small forest and meadows. It is this fascination that made me create a binaural 3D-mix of Umi. As a sound mixing engineer, it is tempting to create stunning 3D-panning effects. But the music of Umi does not allow this. The intrinsic musical quality of Umi resulting in the ‘Umi-mood’ is more important. No stunning fly-by effects. Maybe another time. To experience this special mix please listen through headphones. If you play UMI through your normal stereo speaker set you will experience a common stereo soundstage. For now, enjoy Umi as it is.
Theo Calis
July 2016

Released by Petroglyph Music, July 2016. (Petroglyph472)





Martin Hoogeboom Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch sound artist with long standing interests in transcending conventional instrument approaches and the use of non-instrumental organic and homemade sounds. Improvisation and collaboration are an important part of my work.

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